Soundscapes in Tourism

Video content to ‘ ‘Silence is the best language’ – sound as taboo in tourism’ by Janine Traber in The Mouth Vol. 4.

Diani Beach (Kenya) 2017, recorded by Anne Storch. It shows the view on an abandoned pool belonging to a five star hotel. Their potential customers are well-to-do international guests who come for leisure and silence. The only sound is the dripping of water from an artificial well into the pool.

El Arenal (Spain) 2018, recorded by Janine Traber. This video shows the fountain of a restaurant within a two star hotel complex. The area is infamous for their excessive party tourism and struggles to construct a better and cleaner image. The sound of the water is drowned out by the noise of a nearby construction site, that is trying to redeem the traces of destructive partying guests.

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