Anne Storch


My research combines cultural and social contexts of languages, the semiotics of linguistic practices, epistemes and ontologies of colonial linguistics, but also linguistic description. I have contributed to the analysis of registers and choices, languages as social practice, ways of speaking and parts of complex repertoires. I am interested in epistemic language, metalinguistics, noise and silence, as well as Critical Heritage Studies. http://afrikanistik.phil-fak.uni-koeln.de/storch.html, astorch@uni-koeln.de

Nico Nassenstein

Foto Nico

My main interests lie in the fields of variationist sociolinguistics, pragmatics and studies of non-standard realizations of language, with a focus on youth language practices in Africa, border thinking, language in touristic settings and manipulative strategies in language. I have worked on variation, agency and creativity in Kiswahili, Lingala and Kinyarwanda and I am interested in postcolonial and critical approaches to language. My geographical specialization is Kenya, DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. nassenstein@uni-mainz.de

Andrea Hollington


I am researcher at the Global South Studies Center, University of Cologne with a background in African Studies. My research interests include anthropological linguistics, sociolinguistics, social semiotics, ethnomusicology, postcolonial studies, youth language practices and studies on repertoires and identity. I have examined cultural, linguistic and musical practices in Africa and the African Diaspora and studied African – Caribbean relations. I carried out research in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Jamaica. In my multifaceted and multi-sited research I am also interested in creativity and agency in communicative practices. andrea.hollington@uni-koeln.de

Angelika Mietzner

Angi M

I am a research fellow at the Institute for African Studies and Egyptology at the University of Cologne. My main research interests cover descriptive and sociolinguistic aspects of Nilotic languages, language styles in fleeting relationships and tourism and critical heritage studies. I conducted most of my research in Kenya where topics of all my research interests can be met. http://afrikanistik.phil-fak.uni-koeln.de/mietzner.html

Janine Traber


As a PhD candidate working on the influence of tourism on migration and its material culture, I am interested in contemporary and postcolonial archaeology, critical heritage studies as well as language and its role in tourism. Having a background in egyptology, I am further engaged in Ptolemaic temples and their reuses in later times. https://afrikanistik.phil-fak.uni-koeln.de/personen/personen/projekt-mitarbeiterinnen-und-doktorandinnen/janine-traber ; j.traber@uni-koeln.de

Anette Hoffmann

My academic and curatorial work engages with historical sound archives and orally transmitted texts as sources of colonial history, and with the history of colonial knowledge production in Europe and in southern Africa more generally. My current research on the epistemic practices of German linguists and their so-called collections studies the conceptual confluence of approaches to language and ideas of race in the history of African studies in Germany. https://afrikanistik.phil-fak.uni-koeln.de/personen/personen/projekt-mitarbeiterinnen-und-doktorandinnen/hoffmann-anette

Technical editor

Jan Kumetat-Peters